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Your All In One Guide to “Santorini” – An Eternal Escape

written by An Eternal Escape February 8, 2018
Your All In One Guide to “Santorini” – An Eternal Escape

The Best way to reach the island:

Santorini is connected to the mainland and worldwide by both sea and air-route. You can’t just pick a favorite route though. It mainly depends on your starting destination and duration of stay. If you are here for just a day or two, it is best to just catch a flight and be on the island as fast as you can. I mean you would rather spend the time on the island itself rather on the transit. Many major airlines like Ryan air, Aegean airlines, and Olympic Air, operate daily flights to the island, year round and can transfer you from the major airports like Athens, in just 45 mins.

Your All in One Guide to Oia, Santorini

View of Cruise ships on their way to Fira Port

If you are already in Greece and visiting other Greek islands too, taking a ferry to reach Santorini might be the more practical option. There are both ferries and high-speed boats connecting major Greek islands to Santorini which take about 3- 8 hours. Examples are Blue star, Hellenic Seaways and SeaJets. When it comes to booking the ferries, you can compare prices on any third-party websites, but booking directly with the ferry company’s website gives you the best fare.

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Best time to visit the island:

Of course, Greece in summers is the best resonating sentences ever. What’s not to like? Gorgeous islands, palm-bordered beaches, magnificent blue waters. If you love summers, you will absolutely love Greece. And summers are the best time to visit Greece in general. But if your heart is glued to Santorini, then probably your eyes are set on the mountain-clad sugar cube Cycladic houses with blue-domed churches. And even though summers might be a very good choice of season to visit Santorini, I would beg to differ a bit.

A photo of Oia streets Santorini

A Relaxed Sunny morning in Santorini on an Off-season=

A photo of Oia streets Santorini

A beautiful Classic Santorini Winding Stair view

Summers in Santorini are jam-packed with tourists. The temperatures are very high and the costs are skyrocketing too. It might seem a little overwhelming for people who just wanted a bit of peace and tranquillity in their trip. But, here is the solution. If you are not bound by the summer holiday schedules and have a bit of flexibility to plan your trip, go there in September or October. These are the times when Santorini has still moderate temperatures (Average Max Temperature: 25°C. Average Rainfall: 6mm.), the water is gorgeous and the crowds are fewer. You will have consistent clear skies, so no compromise on the famous sunset views. Even the prices for accommodation are a bit reduced and everything is open. Rather, the tourism department is planning to extend the visits of people and make Santorini a year-round attraction. 

View of the Caldera in Oia, Santorini

The view of the open Aegean Sea and the Caldera from Oia, Santorini

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